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posted 2 years ago

Over the last 22 months, I’ve had the honor of working with some of the best people in the world to create a product we believed in and loved dearly. We’ve had a strong community and been proud of the relationships we’ve forged with many of our early users.

Unfortunately while our community has been incredibly passionate (and often hilarious), it hasn’t grown as much as we’d hoped. In light of this, on June 1st, we will no longer be actively working on Banters. We’re not outright closing the site down any time in the foreseeable future, but, for the sake of prudence, we’re encouraging our users to export their data here

As we take a step back and reflect on the last two years (and over 50,000 conversations), we’d like to thank our tireless mentors and investors: Chris Dixon and Founder Collective, David Lee and SV Angel, Shana Fisher and High Line Venture Partners, Samir Kaul and Khosla Ventures. They have been invaluable and unwavering in their support. We also want to thank our users for sharing glimpses into their lives and making us laugh each and every day.

But while this is certainly a bittersweet time, there is some good news.

Patrick and I have always believed in the importance of words: the way they can convey emotion, the way they let us look into the past (or the future), and the way they can spur further discussion.

It was this belief that led us to the Betaworks office. More specifically, to Findings

I’ve long been a fan of Findings, which offers a straightforward, intuitive way to share and discuss quotes from books and the web. Many of John Borthwick’s ideas on social reading and the future match with what I’ve been thinking while approaching Banters. Together we saw an opportunity that made sense for both Banters and Findings.

I am now the General Manager at Findings, and Patrick is joining the Betaworks family as Hacker-in-Residence. It’s never easy to stop working on an idea after having invested so much into it, but I’m thankful that we’ll have the opportunity to keep working on a product that closely aligns with the mission we set out with at Banters: to harness the timeless power of quotes and words, and share them in ways that have only recently been made possible by technology.

Thank you, we’re excited to keep creating for you.


By the way, Findings is hiring a front-end developer. Email lauren [at] findings. We’re building something great.

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    Always a bummer to see this kind of post, but glad the team is moving on to other things they’re excited about.
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    This is sad news indeed. :/ but like that awesome TV show that you enjoyed...others didn’t...
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    This is a bummer. I really enjoyed Banters.
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